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The mission of portraying a plot in the finest details, through the body of a samba dancer (often naked), using metals, mirrors, diamonds and other accessories and the mission of reproducing on a stage, a giant sculpture, that enchants the eyes of an audience, even in the most distant seat, should not only be executed with first quality technique and material, but should also be produced with passion and love. We believe that this commitment must be accompanied by immense passion, and that is how we carry out each of our projects.


And so a cycle is formed. This passion for what we do directly reflects on the success of our customers. And their happiness returns to our studio, where immediately afterwards, on the next opportunity, it takes shape, brightness, colors and can be shared.


The spread of this cycle is what makes sense in success, and this is what gives us inspiration to continue creating more and more with the same passion and devotion as always.





Owner of an unparalleled talent in the art of haute couture, Henrique Filho is the favorite of the misses, muses and queens Samba Schools in Brazil.

There is so much to say about Henrique Filho, as his creations are countless. There is an infinity of costumes considered to be true works of art signed by this great master of haute couture.

But in an attempt to shorten his portfolio, here is a small list of famous clients who do not give up his excellent taste and subtlety. Sabrina Sato, Luana Piovani, Adriane Galisteu, Paolla Oliveira, Juliana Paes, Luma de Oliveira, are some of the celebrities who remain faithful to his studio.

With an unprecedented skill, Henrique dresses his goddesses with the most varied materials. Shells, stones, fabric, metals, rubber, straw are some of the examples of the resources  he uses in his creations.

After so much research, we come to the conclusion that as long as we can spot divas parading all night on the Samba schools, luckily for us, Henrique continues to be the owner of all magic, and sometimes we don't even realize, because his discretion opposes his sparkling work, and perhaps this is his most radiant light.


The genius of scenography.
Getúlio produces magnificent sculptures for theater and TV, and has been developing allegories for the Samba Schools of Rio de Janeiro since the 1980s.

Since 1976, when he decided to stop teaching

to enter the drama school,

Getúlio never stopped.

His career began at the Henriette Morineau Company (A Madame) between 1980 and 1984, in the era of theater, making scenography and props.

Then he founded a large carnival workshop, where he developed several allegories for various samba schools in Rio de Janeiro. Getúlio has always stood out for his seriousness and lives up to his reputation as impeccable in terms of punctuality with his commitments. And in an industry whose greatest challenge has always been the race against time, this gift is a key factor.

Along the way, important projects such as Xuxa Produções, for TV Globo and projects for Rede Record emerged.
Since meeting the great friend and stylist Henry Filho, whom he admires a lot, the two have been carrying out several projects together and Getúlio is increasingly proud of this partnership.


Henrique Filho

Tel - (5521) 25088071  / (5521) 987088071
Email - ateliehenriquefilho@gmail.com

Getúlio da Silva Barbosa

Tel - (5521) 966914950 / (5521) 992559842
Email - getuliobarbosa36@gmail.com